Friday, August 22, 2008

Revelations on Desert Racing

It is hard.

It is tough.

It is the real deal, where finishing is ALWAYS in question.

It has a loyal following of which I am now a new member.

It is perfect for a niche following of LM's first prototype. More perfect than I imagined.

Interestingly enough however it shares one critical difference from NASCAR and F-1 type racing leagues. The events are hard to cover because they are so remote. This means lower sponsorship dollars, and therefore less teams that make money. Not that this money losing process means much to the team owners, they seem to wear it like a badge of courage. To us it appears that the amount that they lose per race (could be $100K loss even if they win) is indicative of the passion that they have to keep coming back. This sport is full of passionate hard-driving athletes.

Tomorrow the race begins and I can hardly wait to share photos.

Note the drink of choice before race day, Won't see that in an F-1 car the day before a race.

But when it comes to go time, the game face is on and the Coors Light goes in the fridge.

Ready for Anything.

Mixing in with the fancy cars!

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