Sunday, August 3, 2008

Putting the Dream Car Out to Pasture "?"

Such was the title of an editorial in the New York Times last week. Only the "?" was not in the title. The article came close, but did not presume that it was a foregone conclusion that the dream car had - in fact - been put out to pasture. Nonetheless, I encourage you to read this brief one pager and decide for yourself.

In my opinion, the fundamental issue here is that Americans affiliate with their car and that they make a significant decision in their life when they decide what to buy (and what not to buy). Because of this, there is much room with which to work for an auto maker, and especially for a brand new auto maker.

The very idea that one must settle for "small" today, and that it is the job of an auto maker to make people "happy" about the notion of downsizing, is a limited and erroneous notion.

People in this country want their car and the buying process to make them feel good.


MF said...

Interesting...The day you published this blog entry I was working on a similar article, but with a different conclusion. I'm an optimist and a reformer at heart, so I see it differently than the Times editorial.

I didn't want to comment until I finished my thoughts, so here is an excerpt from my article on MOTORFOOT:

The Year of the Rat (Rod)
"When an industry gets too consumed with itself, whether it be politics or music, the very fans that support the industry start feeling left out, disconnected, discontent. And that is the breeding ground of reform. And reform always goes back to its roots for correction and direction."

The theme of the article is about rejecting the status quo of 'design' in the auto industry, in addition to the outrageous prices for custom cars. An enthusiast shouldn't have to break the bank to obtain a dream. The individual is the source of creativity, and the community is the source for help and inspiration. At least that's one view.

There are many directions to go for reform. That is why I am a fan of what Local Motors is doing.

Go Local!

James Wilder - "Get On It!"

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