Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Our First Vehicle Build Announced Today!

Today was one of our biggest announcements to date.

We have decided upon the vehicle that we are going to build first.

Introducing the LM Rally Fighter.

Designed by community member Sangho Kim and improved by the entire community and the LM Design Team, the LM Rally Fighter, is a perfect embodiment of the large, lightweight concept that Local Motors has espoused since its inception.

I would like to take a brief moment to exhale here.


Three years ago I left the US Marines to make a difference in US oil end use by starting a company. Jeff and I founded this company on a string, and at the time we had no idea whether the idea would take root. Today, our community has developed and delivered the first vehicle which we are in the process of building. A new way of thinking about the car company, a new way of involving the customer, a new way of appreciating engineering and design. A new way altogether.

I will sleep well tonight.

See you tomorrow for more victories.

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