Monday, August 18, 2008

Net Promoter Score and Big Birthday's

Today my family is celebrating my Mother's big birthday. She would be offended if I told you her age so I will not disclose that this is her 75th....whoops. OK let's keep that to be our secret.

In any case, on her big day she has received many calls from all over the world from friends who want to catch up and wish her well. Luckily, Local Motors has been a part of many of those calls, because those folks have been checking in on us, and have taken the time on the birthday call to inquire how things are going.

Now, I was listening casually to some of these telephone calls as I was attending to my three boys who were eating too much cake, half expecting my mother to relay broad ideas about the company with limited specifics....but NO WAY. My mother was detailing correctly every specific endeavor that Local Motors has taken on and is about to. She discussed our first 3 winners, Filski, Deuxfov, and Dooj, their designs and so much more.

WOW! She has been listening! :)

Anyway, the net promoter score is a metric used to track how many new units each of your current customers sell, and I would say that my mother is in the lead without even owning a product.

Happy 75th Mom and thanks for the shout out, this time next year we will have you in a Rally Fighter so you can really improve the average net promoter score.