Thursday, August 7, 2008

Big Coverage

In the past two days, we have been covered by no fewer than 10 wide distribution auto blogs which cater to the enthusiasts in the industry.

This has been by far the most amount of coverage in the fewest number of days ever for us.

Here is the summary of the coverage:

-The readership has been fantastic in terms of raw numbers
-The comments on the web have had a LOT of good and a LOT of skepticism
-The blogs have only marginally driven readership to our site

My conclusions:

-People are passionate about new cars
-Some people love our car
-some people hate our car (and want to be sure we know it :))
-some people simply doubt we will build it
-those that read blog quips don't necessarily spend time on our website

In general, we have enjoyed the coverage and appreciate all of the feedback. It only makes us so much more excited than ever to deliver the Rally Fighter and all future LM vehicles to market.

Here are some of the links:

Oh, and another cool thing, Adventure Motors Competition begins on Local Motors tomorrow as the submission period opens. Join us to check it out. Here is the competition brief.

August 6, 2008
Local Motors Constructs First Concept
August 6, 2008 AutoBlog

Local Motors Rally Fighter concept
August 5, 2008 Motor Trend, Wide Open Throttle

Local Motors Selects First 'Openly Developed' Car the Rally Fighter
August 5, 2008 Car Body Design

Article: "Rally Fighter by Local Motors: Prototype Preview"
August 5, 2008 Motor Authority

Article: "Local Motors to build Rally Fighter Concept"
August 5, 2008 WorldCarFans

Article: "Local Motors Selects First Design Concept to be Built"
August 5, 2008 Auto Unleashed

Article: "Local Motors' Rally Fighter to enter production"

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