Friday, July 18, 2008

One Off - Ferrari meanderings

According to a source in the July issue of Evo magazine, Ferrari has decided to pursue a program of building one-off car designs for wealthy customers who bring their designs to Ferrari. These cars will be built on existing platforms in order to save on engineering costs. The reported price: 2MM€.

At first, I would have said that this report was a joke and that there was no way that the house of Pininfarina would consider such deviations in its core brand, then I remembered that Ferrari was already doing just this.

Take for example the 612 K edition:

Or the P4/5 Enzo derivative:

"One-off" may seem like a special idea, but in practice, those (customers) who take part, end up driving an expensive "mule" that is unrecognizable to the kid down the street as a Ferrari. And what good is it when you drive by little Johnie's house and he yells "Get a Ferrari! If you are going to spend that much money on a car!"

Web 2.0 and crowdsourcing is perfect for a company like Local Motors, but I fundamentally do not see the attraction for other more established players to table dabble in this method, and even for a company like Local Motors I do not see the attraction in selling a micro-mini volume of cars to people who each want something unique.

Could it be true???

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