Monday, July 28, 2008

How long are you going to hold out? How many are holding out with you?

This weekend I got to talking with a Doctor who currently drives a 2000 Plymouth Voyager. He, his wife (another doctor) and their 3 kids all want to get a new vehicle, but he wants to hold out until he can get something efficient and really different. !#!$!!

(2000 Voyager,

Is it Karma that I get into these discussions? :)

So I asked the unsuspecting pediatrician, "How long did he think that he would have to hold out?"

He said, "I don't know, I would like to buy something efficient like an electric car that could fulfill the functions that I require. Not sure when that will be available. I have a need for a commuter and for a family mover. We thought about a Smart for my commuter or maybe an electric car, and we have no idea what to do to replace the minivan. I also don't want to spend a ton on service; I want something reliable."

I first asked if he knew of any electric cars that might fulfill his needs. He had heard of Tesla, but felt that it was too expensive at $110K. Beyond that he had not heard of any others.

Then I asked why he had not pulled the trigger on a Smart, to which he said that he was tempted to, but that he would also be tempted to drive it longer distances when his wife had the other car out, and he was worried that he should not make a habit of putting the Smart on the highway...."smart" doctor! :)

I believe that many many many people are in the same state of quandry as this man. He wants space and efficiency in his life. He will buy a commuter to offset a spacious (but inefficient) vehicle; however, he does not want to pay a fortune for an additional commuter. Hrrrrrmpfff!

I told him to buy a Jetta CleanDiesel Wagon for $21K that would get him 38/44mpg. And then for his commuter buy a Jetta CleanDiesel Sedan! Both are sporty, fast, basically as fuel efficient as a Prius, far less difficult/expensive to service, and the Wagon has gobs more space! I am not a Volkswagen salesman, but until the Local Motors cars are available, this is a proposition that is hard to beat.

Just one idea for now, and it is immediate and available. What would your suggestion be for our doctor and his least until Local Motors has your car that you cannot bear to be without.


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