Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Finding the right person - One step easier now - Startuply

As many of you know who work in small companies, great people are your greatest weapon, BUT finding great people is your hardest task. At Local Motors we have certainly found this to be true.

Every incremental person affects the organization so heavily that you want/need the best, but the more established companies have greater resources to be able to attract the best. So how can a small company compete to get those folks that they need to grow?

One way is now Startuply. This is a new startup focused purely on connecting startup companies and talented job seekers.

We have posted there as have many companies whom we admire and who are in the same position - Small and Exciting and Looking for the BEST!

We'll see how it works for us and we will let you know.

Gratuitous tip on hiring strategy: Hire A people and they will grow A people, Hire B people and they will grow D people. Very True. (One thing I never figured out is where all the C people are :))


Luke G said...

Thanks for giving Startuply a shot! Definitely let us know how it goes, and how we can better help you build your team. We're keeping busy iterating, improving, and launching new products and features to help you find great talent.

Rebecca Virginia said...

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