Monday, June 2, 2008

Something WIKID this way comes

That is right folks, Dan Bogard, aka "WIKID" from the community has joined the ranks of the LM team as an intern.

Prior to joining Local, Dan was a test pilot for the Mars Exploration Development Team at Cape Canaveral. He speak 5 languages and has designed and built cars for the King of Denmark. Most recently he has taking to interior leather marquetry in Italy, and we are lucky to have him....

Hee Hee

Dan is acutally far more impressive. A decorated double major in Economics and Mechanical Engineering with honors from Carnegie Mellon, recipient of a Masters Degree in ME from U Mich, product development engineer at Daimler Chrysler for 4+ years, and currently attending Harvard Business School for his MBA......if all that were not enough, Dan, is a certified SCUBA rescue diver, and nice guy, and a lover of cars. I am not kidding here. These ARE his real credentials.

You have probably seen his sage and incisive comments under his nomme de guerre, Wikid, but we at Local Motors are even more blessed to receive his quick wit and sharp focus on behalf of making the company all that it promises and more.

So here's a picture of his sweet ride! Welcome Dan.


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