Sunday, June 15, 2008

Open HOUSE!!

On Saturday at the Factory Five World Headquarters, the world's leading kit car manufacturer, there was held an event that was a site to behold for any car enthusiast. It was the 11th annual Factory Five Open House and Cruise-in for all of the company's customers. From 7am onward, a parade of GTMs, Daytona's, "Cobra" Roadsters, Daytona Spyders, Challenge Series cars, arrived to catch a glimpse and nod heads to friends and competitors and even a take a peak at the upcoming Hot Rod concept. Thousands of customers and hundreds of cars.

Many of the Local Motors team were in attendance taking careful notes and engaging with this amazing community. White and blue collar, men and women, old and young, knowledgeable and neophyte, married and not, family or couples, everyone was welcome, and everyone could see themselves in such exciting products. This is the definition of community. The Company President, Dave Smith, has often asked me what I think about their community and if there is any lesson from the LM community that he might be able to "apply" to FFR's group. After a day like this, all I can say is,"we have a lot to learn from the camaraderie and learning that FFR owners share with each other." For them, their car is a way of life, a medium, a language with which to express individuality. Some day the LM owners and enthusiasts will pick up where the FFR group has shown us the way and share pictures of events just such as this.

Please enjoy, I hope the pictures do the event justice. It was a visual delight.


Robin Spinks said...

Another example of car customers coming home is BMW in Greer, SC. Its on a different scale, but still production cars. You might want to check that out.

Also, a more similar customer base might be Cirrus airplane owners. They have a COPA(Cirrus Owners and Pilots Assoc) Migration to the plant every year, and it is coming up soon. You can go to the COPA website and check it out. Cirrus airplanes started out like Local Motors - using new technology (composite wings) and small scale production for the people who wanted to be on the leading edge. Since the first planes sold in 1999, it is now the best selling plane in its class - it is why Cessna finally had to buy Columbia to try to keep up.

Rebecca Virginia said...

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