Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Miami Motors Voting ends tonight! 2359 EDT Wareham, MA Time (-4UTC)

Since many of you read this blog with your morning coffee from Hawaii east to Paris, by the time you are reading this, the voting will be over. However, for those of you from Eastern Europe east to New Zealand, you might be reading this before the deadline.

Wherever you may be and whatever your participation, the Miami Motors Competition is currently open for voting, and the Voting Ends:

1800 Honolulu, June 24
2100 San Francisco, June 24
0600 Paris, June 25
0930 Mumbai, June 25
1400 Sydney, June 25

Just a couple of hours left to cast your vote and make comments on the 51 fantastic entries in the Local Motors - Miami Road Racer Competition.

This competition increased 150% in terms of entries over the last, and the rate of comments has been staggering. Encourage your friends to vote and to comment. Each person will need to create a brief profile, but this is no different than the cost to be on Facebook or any other Web Community today.

See you in Miami for one more night, then get ready for us to announce the winner on 1 July...oh yes...and get ready for the next competition. It is already on the site. Curious?

Local Motors - Drive the Design.

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