Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Local and Bimmer see eye to eye (Wink Wink)

Well it is official, the fifth person has now sent me a copy of the GINA concept saying that they thought of us at Local Motors when they saw this. I was a little dubious about the connection until I listened to Chris Bangle himself describe the theory behind GINA.

(BMW GINA Light Concept, static.wallpaper.com)

Listen to him yourself:

"What is the skin of a car for anyway?...In reality the aspects of crash and stiffness and ride handling can be handled in a space frame type vehicle entirely without the skin, and therefore to go away from a metal skin and to have a skin that offers different capabilities."

You said it Chris, and a HUGE thank you to the community who knew enough about us to see the connection. Go Local!

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