Friday, June 20, 2008

Hang time - and not the Celtics style!


Two days ago we had the longest "hang-time" on average per visit across 24hrs - longer than we had ever before. 13mins and 40 seconds per visitor. This means that ON AVERAGE people who came to the site stayed on for 13 mins and 40 seconds. If you want to count out 13mins and 40 seconds in a "one onethousand" count you will certainly get fatigued.

Wow, it is humbling to see the grass-roots influence on the site take hold.


Unknown said...

That's really impressive, actually. I remember reading once that YouTube has 15 minutes average session time, and that was considered one of the longest in the world.

Vaughan Ling said...

geez...congrats Im lucky to get half a second on my blog

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