Monday, June 16, 2008

A European's take on American Cars - Local Inspiration for a Globetrotter

In the latest issue of Architectural Digest, my father turned me onto a fascinating article about Nicola Bulgari, the scion of the Jewelry business giant, and his car collection. When I first picked up the magazine, I thought for sure that I knew what I was getting into: this Mille Miglia winner, that Lambo, this Bertone design, that ode to Venus by Giorgetto G., and so on, but wait! No! I could not have been more mistaken. One sentence into the article and I realized the point was quite different. (Photography by Timothy White)

Bulgari has painstakingly accumulated a collection of almost entirely American cars to celebrate the great history of the US automotive industry. Here in one quote from the article, the basic point is displayed:

In the ultimate comment about what he feels is unjustified, and unjust, European automotive snobbery, Bulgari has even filled a garage with 80 American cars in the center of Rome, his hometown. “In Europe, there’s an attitude toward American cars, and this collection shows that that arrogance is wrong. Let’s not fantasize about European cars. Even the mom-and-pop American production cars, the cheapest ones, had great style, and they were so reliable.” (Text by Joseph Giovannini)

(Photography by Timothy White)

So Bulgari loves American. Cool. I am pleased to see an industry and a nation which has taken SO MUCH bashing recently, get a little chuffing - from an italian fashion mogul, no less. I encourage you to read the article if for nothing else to feel the passion of Bulgari. Wow.

This article got me stoked all over again about the core mission of Local Motors as a company which aggregates and collaborates design and makes vehicles suited to a Local market. We are drawing a global audience from over 100 countries and are having a ball focusing on designing and building for Local markets. Cars are about affiliation and inspiration: SoCal, Miami, America, Italy and so much more. Bravo for Bulgari collecting his passion and welcome to all you newcomers who are just beginning to see the passion and dedication of Local inspiration from a Global team of enthusiasts.

(Photography by Timothy White)

(Photography by Timothy White)


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