Monday, June 30, 2008

Energy Efficiency at the LM HQ

Today we began the last of several steps to improve the energy usage for heating and cooling at the Local Motors HQ.

To begin, for summer improvements, we have installed a panel which divides areas of the high loft in the shop so that the conditioned air remains in the area where we need it and not in the area we don't. Similarly we included the addition of "solar vents" to remove the top layer of hot air.

Next for upcoming winter improvements, we have incorporated a number of changes that either forcibly push the heated air down where we need it or work through a ventilated system of return vents and supply.

In both cases, we have made the capital investment to improve the environmental footprint in/of our little office today. Even though it is basically a wash for us, all of the future tenants certainly will recognize the changes and will see the benefit in their bottom line.

Here's a picture of Dave and Christopher hard at work making this vision come true!

We will certainly bring on more updates as they appear.