Sunday, June 29, 2008

Big Week starting up at LM

To begin with, we will welcome home our very own Ariel Ferreira Cronk from her honeymoon. Her valuable contribution was SORELY missed during her absence, and we are very excited to have her back.

Similarly important is the main event on Tuesday, the announcement of our Miami Motors competition. This lucky and talented winner will have bested 50 other competitors from across the world and been subjected to a thorough vetting from a robust and deeply insightful community. One thing is certain: this competition was our toughest yet, and there are many designs which could easily be called "top of the heap". Though one will win, congratulations to all of the participants for a job well done, and we look forward to awarding the prize to the winner.

Finally, this week represents the start of work for another LM Team member: Christopher Rhoades. A licensed NASA driver, spec-Miata pilot, car enthusiast, accomplished photographer, fluent Japanese speaker, and super young man, Christopher is a welcome addition to the team who will be interning at LM over the summer. We are lucky to have him, and expect to hear good things about him from the dugout as he takes the field.

Among our daily rhythm of exciting tasks and projects, these three additional events make for an especially interesting start to our week.


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