Thursday, June 12, 2008

Auto Insurance Part 2

Two Month ago, on April 8, I posted the first post about our quest to secure insurance for our startup business.

During that post, I detailed the frustrating and capricious nature of underwriters who do not actually look deeply into credits and risks and who write policies based on the fiction of a name or an industry title.

(Greedy Smurf,

I also pledged to overcome this blockade.

Two months later we are now finally covered by A-rated insurers and have all of the coverage that we desired at a reasonable price. While I thank the underwriters, the real thanks goes to our new agent who bent over BACKWARDS to find the right insurer and to work with them personally to help them to understand the risk that we represented, and those risks that we did NOT represent.

Thank you therefore goes primarily to Bryan Dank and the team at Telemon insurance.


One of the reason that I give little credit to the underwriters is that one of them is one of the VERY SAME companies who declined outright to write coverage when a previous broker approached them. This type of blatant change of opinion shows the limited willingness to look into a company from the point of view of the insurer without the guidance of an interested and committed agent.

Therefore, in sum, Local Motors is covered and ready to tackle the world of frivolous claims and unforeseen accidents.