Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Tomorrow marks a big day for our community

Tomorrow, May 15th, 2008, at 0800 (-4GMT) EDT, (HAE for those frenchmen among us), Local Motors will announce the winner of its first exterior design competition, The Southern California Off Road Machine. The announcement will take place on our site

To many people, a web community is a motley crue of disorganized, unaffiliated content providers, but to us a web community is as well organized and distinctive as a professional sports team. At first everyone on the team plays on a level field for the same goal.

The crowd cheers, the hecklers jeer, the tension rises and falls, weather plays its hand, injury strikes the unlucky few, the coaches incite, the captains prod, and the game rolls on. In the course of this age-old ritual, events happen which crown players as stars and teams as winners, and from that moment on, a team begins to define itself.

We are about to crown our first winner. Though the winner will receive several gifts for his hard-earned victory, perhaps the most profound of them is distinct status within our community. From now on, this designer's name will appear in highlighted color any time he makes a comment on our site. This is very special, and well deserved.



Join us in congratulating our first rainmaker tomorrow morning, and watch as our community takes its first step from infancy to adolescence. Great design is not accidental. It is hewn from obsidian by the hardest working craftsmen. Introducing.....

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