Sunday, May 18, 2008

Quiet (R)evolution - A small step for skukuzi, one giant leap for LM-kind

Well, while ya'll were at your day jobs and running errands on Friday, a quiet (r)evolution was taking place in the LM Community.

Let's let the pictures speak. Focus on the A-Pillar.

Marek - from Slovakia Friday (mid-morning)

(Marek Rakucak - LM Community)

Skukuzi - trained in Sarajevo currently in Boston (noon)

(Marek Rakucak - LM Community, with Skukuzi)

Benzo Ferrari - from the LM Design Studio (early afternoon)

(Marek Rakucak - LM Community, with Skukuzi and Benzo Ferrari)

Though many words and great comments, criticisms, and suggestions, have been par-for-the-course for the LM Community as we all comment on other's designs, this is the VERY FIRST TIME, that one designer has spoken with his sketching hand. Hence an Evolution of a design, but a REvolution in the way we share ideas.

Let's review the tape :)

1) Marek created a bangin' Megane inspired sketch.
2) Skukuzi felt strongly about the visibility in the A-Pillar region, but instead of making a verbal comment and leaving it up to someone else to make the change, Skukuzi, took a small step... "a giant leap" to make the suggested change in the design and to re-post it for all to see.
3) Once the pillar was in play, Benzo then piled in and gave it yet another go 'round. Turbo-charge.

No doubt, Marek is the owner of the concept...the team captain if you will, and skukuzi and benzo had the guts - the fortitude - and the caring for Marek's design to take their own time to make the design process move forward. This is classic LM community stuff and it gives me the chills.