Monday, May 12, 2008

New major exploration of design at NY's MOMA

Tomorrow we are leaving at an unholy hour to truck down to NYC to the
last day of Design and the Elastic Mind at the Museum of Modern Art.

This weekend a great advisor of ours tapped us on to the exploration
of modern Design by recording and displaying to us Paola Antonelli's
interview with Charlie Rose. As the senior curator for Design at the
Museum, she spoke the part of design maven and matriarch and delivered
a completely cogent and fabulously fiery defense of community design
and artistic expression.

Ben and I agreed that we had to see the show given that our Company is
on the cutting edge of this trend.

More to follow as we return.

Design and the Elastic Mind....

We hope for it to live up to Paola's explanations and provocations.

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