Thursday, May 8, 2008

Meeting Eric von Hippel

What a day!

On my post of May 4, I talked about the inspiration we had received from MIT professor and author, Eric von Hippel. Well, today I met with him for the first time.

By chance, we were introduced by one of Local Motors' advisers, and Eric invited me to his home in Cambridge MA. What an experience! He is an incredibly good listener and deep thinker about entrepreneurship and user lead innovation. Furthermore, he also has a deep and abiding passion for user choice. Basically he hates being told what kind of group he belongs to.

The very idea that he is part of the Pepsi Generation is abhorrent to him. He demands.... choice and personal differentiation.

Is it any surprise that his couch is similar to the following:

(Roche Bobois, Mah-Jong Sectional)

As the founder of the MIT Innovation Lab, Eric has put this passion to work by inviting key leaders in innovation from some of the worlds most successful companies and also from some of the most exciting small companies in lead user innovation.

Bravo! Thank you for your work and all that you have done to inspire a generation of car builders. Keep it open!

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