Thursday, May 15, 2008

Filski it is

The first day that we launched the competition (hard to believe that was only a matter of weeks ago) we had immediate hits from 65 countries. Now, perhaps it is old hat, the whole power of the internet thing....but to me, it is still incredible. The fact that people are interested in car design uniformly across such a wide geography is cause for reflection.

Perhaps this proves my constant assertion that drawing cars is simply an innate ritual for a certain segment of the population. Who knows? But whatever the reason, while I am sleeping someone across the world is feverishly designing the next Local Motors car, and when he is sleeping, we are doing the same.

Well, if that immediate draw from across the world were not enough to shock the system, now we have chosen a winner who is a Polish born, Australian raised, 4WD fanatic, Filip Tejszerski (aka Filski). Eat your heart out global corporate design departments:) the Local Motors design studio is as global as you would ever want to be....and without the Office politics.

So we have a great friend "down under" and a new kingpin in our midst. With great friendship and kudos, the community rallied around Filski in a show of solidarity and allowed him to bask in the glory of the moment. There was admiration and forthright discussion whipping its way across the forums and into his life. I have rarely seen such well-behaved sportsmen, and am proud to be associated with all of you.

And now we can all view Filski's new green status in comment streams. Watch out for his heavy-weight comments :) ..Oh what a sublime day!


Unknown said...

that's a great article. i saw myself as chewbacka in the last video clip. and no, i will not pass on the cake.

-Filski, Mack ...+ Kayusa

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