Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A study in contrast

As you may have read by now Tesla Motors is suing Fisker for stealing its hybrid secrets and for provided "substandard" design as part of Henrik Fisker's design contract.

Regardless of who is right, this is a sad state of affairs. These are both startup companies who thrive on forward momentum (read: need it to survive) and lawsuits are hardly a definition of forward momentum.

Anyway, what I find more shocking is the disclosure that Tesla paid Fisker and his team $875,000 to provide a design for the WhiteStar sedan project Tesla has been working on.

$875 LARGE!!!!!! and it bought them nothing but a lawsuit.

Truly this is an old way of doing business in the auto world. There are designers, great designers, out there today, waiting for a shot and looking for a job. They would thrive on 1/10th that amount of money. Some would start a whole business on 1/10th that contract amount.

This is embarrassing, and I am disgusted by this waste.

As a perfect counterpoint, I would like to introduce Aaron Park. Aaron is a 23 year old designer from Southern California who is about to graduate from Art Center. I first saw his work several months ago in the senior design studio under David Hackett's supervision. It was fresh and exciting.

In an interview with Aaron, he claims Fisker himself as one of his favorite designers. That is strong praise for Fisker because while Aaron may have grown up looking up to this man, what he has achieved before even graduating is status of his own in a fresh design project that is every bit as inspired and worthy of being built as the White Star Fisker design which will never see the light of day.

Local Motors is proud to have Aaron's "Any Terrain Imaginable" as part of its community. Look for him as a contributing member in the near future....better yet, look for young aspiring designers who come to LM's community wanting some day to design like Aaron. It is already happening!

(Aaron Park, Art Center student and Local Motors Community member)

(Aaron Park, Art Center student and Local Motors Community member)


Unknown said...

What could be more inspiring to aspiring designers than a chance to see their own work on the road? What could generate great work better than an open competition and collaboration with their equally motivated peers?

Bravo to the Local Motors team for giving designers such an incredible opportunity!

Unknown said...

I agree with the fact Local-Motors offers a unique opportunity to junior designers who have the willness to become one day a CARdesigner....

Thank you so much for this exciting experience...


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