Thursday, April 17, 2008

Study in Contrast - Revisited

Well!! It appears that everyone is reading :)

What a response to my post last night! In general, there appears to be agreement that $875K is a waste when you see it end up in a lawsuit. Everyone further agrees that there is a great talent in the vast pool of untapped trans designers. So we have some strong common ground.

Everyone does NOT agree on the value of the $857K being an appropriate rate.

Some think it is too little. Cheap.
Some think it is just right. Fair.
Some think it is too much. Rich.

I suppose that is the nature of any number, it creates a reaction which is divided across a distribution of returns. But where is the truth?

In truth, designers like Fisker offer much more than the raw inspiration and design. His shop offers total body design program, including, sketch, packaging, clay modeling in scale and full-size, and finally Catia data which can be used for production. He and his team think about visibility and crash and deliver a solution meant to address all. Naturally, such value added service is worth a lot of money, and I did not mean to denigrate that contribution. Especially in the car design world, you get what you pay for.

Nonetheless, the opacity and secretive nature of the automotive design world has built mile-high stovepipes (i.e. silos)through which it is difficult to display the truth. In order to create a new vision of crowdsourcing design style, we are going to have to break down numerous walls. My only purpose in posting this ("challenging") blog was to open up communication, and it appears to have been successful.


Unknown said...

Right on Jay! There's no way to put a true value on design, good or bad, but a well-informed group always makes a better decision than a bunch of people in the dark!

Local Motors will certainly be a giant ray of sunlight on what's currently a pretty murky world. I predict we'll see a lot of smiling faces when REAL LM cars hit the road.


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