Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Strong Economic Development alive and kicking in the US

Earlier, we mentioned on the website and in our blog the help that we have received from the Economic Development team from the state of North Carolina, the Charlotte Regional Partnership, and Greenfield Development. They were and are some of the hardest working, business minded folks we have met. Similarly, we have also spent a great deal of time with the folks at Enterprise Florida, who also have built an extremely forward thinking and engaging plan to attract new businesses to the state.

Though we spend a lot of time working on this question of location, we have not talked about some of the bright points in a while so I thought I would just highlight one. This week from across the Country in the Valley of Central California, we were engaged by the EDC from the City of Gilroy.

What a refreshing contact! Larry Cope, the president of the EDC, found out about us through some of the press that we had received in the Boston Business Journal. He researched the company and then approached us to meet about our potential site selection in California.

Now for those of you who have not sited a business in a long time or ever, as a reminder, it is one of the most time-consuming and complicated decisions in the growth of a young business. Hidden costs and unknowns abound, and you dream of an honest and forward-thinking partner whom you can trust.

So far, especially in the few examples which I have listed above, I have been more than pleased in the hard-working, grassroots work that American EDCs are putting into action on our project. I am truly a believer that America is still busy bringing to bear its entrepreneurial strength by trying to attract new business to all corners of the country.

As the Gilroy EDC says:

[We] have all the right ingredients.....

For your Business...
For your Family...
For your Recreation...
For your Life...

When it comes down to it, these are the arguments that are going to make the biggest difference in our decision of where to locate. These folks are all doing a great job, and we look forward to finding our perfect location with all such great partners. Bravo!


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