Tuesday, April 1, 2008

A Picture is Worth 1000 Words...

....and you'd think we - of all teams - would have known that. After spending the last 12 months creating a community dedicated to the celebration of transportation design, to NOT have thought about every way in which a picture can be useful, seems unlikely. However unlikely, you are supposed to learn something new everyday, and we are the first to admit that we are probably learning much more than just one thing per day.

And here is our latest lesson:

In the last several weeks it has been made clear to us through a repeated series of interactions that the comments that people were making in regards to other people's designs were growing longer and longer. This was a good thing in that people have had more things to say, but it was a negative thing at the same time because it seemed as if people had to say more just to explain the things that were on their minds.

We had provided a forum for commentary only to realize that transportation design was a subject far more deserving of more than just text to describe its limits.

So tonight we have added a new feature to assist in bringing more firepower to the commentary. We call it Visual Comparison. From now on, underneath the Comment box, there is included an option to upload a picture so that everyone can much better explain what it is they mean to say.

1 = 1000


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