Monday, April 21, 2008

Opening Pandora's Box

Last week I opened Pandora for the first time....

In the last year, I have made special note of businesses which seem to have extraordinary services or products...true value added. This is certainly one of those businesses. Starting in 2000 with a project to categorize music by its elements known as the Music Genome Project, this company takes in information about the songs you listen to and regenerates a playlist with similar characteristics. You cannot chose individual songs, and therefore the royalty due to owners/artists is lower.

I am fascinated by the User Generated - almost subconscious - preference information that this company captures and how they apply it to solve people's question about what they will listen to next. Clever and simple.

When you have some free time and have a moment to poke around, I recommend the visit. They are essentially using the same theory as Local Motors whereby they stake their central product, music, around the preferences of their customers. It is a bold vision, and we wish them every success.

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