Sunday, April 6, 2008

John Madden meets Car Design on - Visual Comment

(John Madden visual comments on an NFL play)

Check it out.

Last week, on April 1st we announced the ability to upload pictures within comments on the LM site. That tool, we call "Visual Compare", and it has quickly taken off as a valuable mode of expression for people wanting to make more value added comparisons for designers.

Then at the end of the week, a subtle but important change emerged on the Local Motors website. This change was the first example of what we call Visual Commenting. It is a function where a user uses Visual Compare + an editing program on their own computer (like Paint or Powerpoint) to scribble highlights on a design in order to cue their comment more effectively.

In the coming weeks watch for Visual Comments to grow. Car Design was tailor made for this function.

American Football Commentator, John Madden, who made this technique famous, would be proud!

(Design by Skukuzi, Local Motors Community Member, Visual Comment by tthomas)