Thursday, April 10, 2008

Important Day in the News

Today was a big day for coverage of Local Motors.

The recent efforts of our PR wizard, Ariel Ferreira, are paying off and we were covered/syndicated by 4 blogs today with more in the works.

The nasty part about this coverage game today is that one's continued coverage and access to ever bigger markets is based on the volume and velocity of clicks and votes on these stories.

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The good part about this coverage game is that, every so often, these sites and blogs get the message of Local Motors pretty much dead on, and so the article is a pleasure for us to read.

If you have a moment check us out on: - A New American Car Company

And...please, for the sake of continuing a tradition of great American Car Companies, click the vote button right next to the story.

This is a good story and a hopeful look at change in this industry.