Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Welcome to new members of the team

As of 1746 EST, Local Motors gained 4 new members to its rank of world class investors. Hailing from San Francisco, Texas, and New York, these investors have continued to diversify and strengthen our small company's base of support.

(courtesy Don Breeden)

(courtesy Wikipedia)

(courtesy Wikipedia)

Having just returned from NYC, where all the talk is about Bear Stearns and the momentous decision of the Federal Reserve to use its extraordinary powers
for only the second time in history to shore up a failing investment bank, it is refreshing to be a part of the economy that is not laser focused on financial markets on a minute by minute basis. We know that many in New York (and in the financial markets around the globe) are having the jitters, but we are confidently delivering on our promise to bring new jobs, new technology, and new cars to the Unites States. It couldn't be a better time to build such a business in America.

Welcome to our new team.

Go Local in 2008!

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