Thursday, March 6, 2008

Today we saw 2 strange and exciting birds and a zebra...

First was on I-95:

I was in the car with the Web Team, and Andy and Tim and I had just finished discussing the resurgence of hood ornaments when what to our surprise should appear but the most MASSIVE avian hood ornament ever to grace a Ford Taurus (or any car for that matter). Wow! The driver was a delightful octogenarian with a hat straight out of the Sound of Music and a feather in that cap. Perhaps stolen from the hood ornament itself, before it was bronzed!

As for the second bird, it was our visit to Aviary, one of the company's that I mentioned in my blog post of February 25. What a visual treat! Not to mention their software, their physical surroundings are something to behold as they are conveniently located between a cemetery, a train track, and a school bus depot in the heart of Western Long Island.

(Aviary, courtesy of Nicky666)

As for the software, there products are a marvelous suit of creative and editing image tools that challenge some of the most robust image manipulation software packages around. For example above, they have taken a graphic image of a bird and used a repeatable texturizing effect to make it appear as if it is a stitched logo. This appears to be only a small part of the company's capability.

So, as a strong example of some of the other image editing companies that I pointed out in the last blog on this subject, Aviary proved itself to be worth taking a careful look at.

Once the "bird"visits were over, we drove into the city for Andy's FIRST VISIT to the Big Apple! and had a quick lunch at Gino's (780 Lexington between 62nd and 63rd). Nothing quite like the Sauce Segreto, and that is where we saw the zebra wallpaper lining the sides of the dining room. What an institution!

What a day! Almost 10 hours of driving (thank you Tim) but able to see and to do most everything that we came to achieve in the city.

(Team in NYC on Lexigton about to enter Gino's)

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