Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Thank you

I feel a bit like the following Dominican devotee:

(courtesy www.op-stjoseph.org)

We are now almost 24 hrs into the new life of our Local Motors web-site, and there have been no major system malfunctions. Though this admission is likely to lead to divine retribution in the form of Murphy's law, I hazard to admit that I could not have imagined a more perfect and well orchestrated first post-launch day. Well done team!

While our web team's contribution cannot be underestimated, there is another group to which I wish to call attention; All of those contributors who took the time to update, visit, and register on our site today; quite simply, without you, there is no Local Motors.

I salute your efforts, and if it was not for our commitment to protect your privacy, I would want to share your exploits with all involved.

Go Local!

Very Best