Wednesday, March 12, 2008

RIAs are driving cars!.....LOOK OUT!

Following up on my post of February 25, the world of rich internet applications just got more intense.

Our friends at Aviary have turned up the heat on some crazy rides. Watch 'em in action, and let's here it for Meowza!

A flying LamboBeetleAugustaPriusMobile

An R8DeucecoupeMoquattroBajaMobile

It might be enough to leave it at the amazement of the creation and editing that Meowza has scorched our eyeballs with, but that would be ignoring the true power of the tool. Some would see this and say, what's all the fuss about, I have photoshop and can do the same thing....Ah but my dear Watson, if you said this, you'd be wrong.

Take the R8DeucecoupeMoquattroBajaMobile for example, upon closer inspection it appears that the original work came from Ben and was uploaded to Aviary, at which time it was opened in a browser (probably Firefox) and then modified at lightspeed with a Rich Internet Application like Phoenix. Rights were acurately preserved as Ben and Meowza each received credit for the work he contributed to the design, and the trail is left for you to see it all in progress. No uploading, downloading, or lengthy discussion in order to deconflict rights.

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