Monday, March 31, 2008

Pick the Winner

On the famous day of April 1, it is traditional to play a prank on one's readers.

(Fool -

Because we are actually launching an important part of our site on this day, it is just as important to know when we are kidding and when we are serious.

Along those lines, here is a simple test to see if you are a reader who has been paying attention.

On Tuesday, April 1, 2008, Local Motors will launch the following on its website:

1) A design service for small African swallow backpacks named "cabinkeys". They are quite fashionable.

(African Barn Swallow -

(Modular Backpack -

2) A collaborative book project detailing both the Struggle For Stability In Early Modern Europe and The History of Citroen, and concluding with the relationship of Cars to the said Struggle.

(Aquaduct -

(Citroen 2CV -

3) A retrospective of different pilots who have claimed themselves to hold land and air speed records: Steve McQueen, John Sharpe, Chuck Yeager, Mario Andretti, and Snoopy.

(Chuck Yeager -

(Snoopy vs. the Red Baron - Peanuts by Charles Schultz)

4) The first of many monthly Design competitions where Car designers can compete to have their design bestowed the honor of besting the competition, winning cash and prizes, and having the chance to be built into the next great American car.

(Ex-Ta-C Concept - Jonathan Kasumba, LM Charter Member)

5) A Moonraker theme show where designers compete to be the next James Bond vehicle designer.

(Aisun Concept - Victor Uribe, LM Charter Member)

Among these five choices is the "Real Deal". Happy April Fool's Hunting and head to to see if you are right!


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