Tuesday, March 11, 2008


We have been live for a day, and already we have received detailed requests for information and attestations of participation from all over the world. We are all humbled by the breadth and depth of the newcomers to Local Motors. It feels as if we have been building a home for these participants over the last 2 years and that this is the first wave of owners who have the chance to look around the inside that house for the first time in order to plan where they will settle in.

Tonight's post is dedicated to the AADA, African Automotive Design Association. Founded by Dr Eva and Jonathan Kasumba. Inspired by the effect that the Bauhaus School had on German Architecture, in 2005 Jonathan co-founded the AADA to bring together automotive design enthusiasts, artists of all ages, professional designers and design students, of all nationalities, to promote design education, African culture, African Heritage, and to encourage automotive design practice.

A day ago, I knew nothing about this Association and now we have a bond.

From their website, it is clear that the AADA and its members understand how the culture and ethos of a local area influences and encourages the best vehicle design to rise to the top.

Take for example the discussion they have on the Face and the Skin in the styling section. This is unapologetically focused on Africa and that is what makes it so compelling. Not only do they display an "Ignition Kit" which gets right to the heart of African roots, but they highlight the connection of this Kit to the inspiration needed to compete in the competition they are running. I know we are a biased audience, but this is SO cool!

The Face (courtesy of AADA)

The Skin (courtesy of AADA)

In yet another example of understanding of community, the "members" section calls out the members of the AADA by name in each of their respective countries. Though the list is admittedly small for a continent of 900 million people, it shows an understanding of the needs of this group to form a bond strengthened by a common love of automotive design.

AADA is just one of many design communities where the response to globalization of engineering parts is made by a resounding plea for memorable and meaningful design. I look forward to detailing other such groups in the future and toward partnering with them to continue to run fascinating and interesting LM competitions from which Local cars will be made. Who knows what design the LM facility in Abuja will produce for its first vehicle...we may know sooner than we thought.


Unknown said...

Jay - Great work and best of luck.

Fascinating connection to AADA, loved the pictures showing the evolution of face/skin to design.

Rebecca Virginia said...

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