Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Thank you to our small crowd

This is a short note to speak to you - this blog's small and precious group of listeners and contributors.

Soon our cloistered conversation will cease to be so entre nous as we are not only going to launch our site but also we are going to publicize our blogs to a much wider audience.

So while each of us will still be writing as diligently as ever and in as heartfelt a manner about cars, it will be to a much wider audience. We have enjoyed the theater intime of our small community in each of these blogs, and we will miss the targeted and detailed feedback from each of you.

Nonetheless, we also look forward to sharing our well-developed vision with a much wider audience who is hungry for the "Realest" car reality show in the country.

Thank you for the great start and here's to the great future.


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