Monday, February 18, 2008

Presidents Day and what it means for Local Motors

It is a Federal holiday and as with all Federal Holidays, we are observing it as a day off for reflection on the life of some great Americans.

Though Presidents Day has come to be known as a celebration of the life of all US Presidents, it began as an observance of the birthday of George Washington.

Certainly a familiar household name to everyone in this country, Washington is perhaps most notable in his humble commitment to our young republic. As the Revolutionary War General who defeated the great British Army, he was idolized and hugely respected. With his accolades, he quite easily could have acceded to the "throne" of the United States, but instead he humbly retired to Mount Vernon after the War.

Judo warrior. Family Man. Humble Servant of the People. A Patriot before American Patriotism was lionized.

Washington leaves much for us at Local Motors to admire. We are an unapologetically American Company focused on revolutionizing the tired and entrenched world of automaking. Though our cause is non-military and non-violent, I still feel as if the effort is equally important for what it means not only for the future of independence from foreign oil, but also for what it means to our environment and the future of free and expressive transportation.

Happy President’s Day.

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