Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A New Team Member for Local Motors!!

Today Local Motors gained a significant new team member when Ariel Ferreira joined America's next generation car company.

Previously an experiential trainer in the Volvo driving experience, experience creator at Experience Marketing, and an expert in the marketing and sales of antique furniture and fine jewelry, Ariel has a stellar background, tailor-made for her role at the Company. Most recently, she hails from Chicago.

She will immediately step into the critical role of Community Evangelist and Public Relations Manager. As Community Evangelist, she will work to promote and communicate the vision and potential of Local Motors, Inc. She will start on this mission within the design community, and in so doing, lay the groundwork for the messaging of the Company in general.

From designing and cherishing to building and buying, Local Motors customers and visitors are about to meet Ariel, and they should prepare for an awesome introduction to her and to our Company. Welcome Ariel!


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