Thursday, February 14, 2008

2 for 2 - Another new team member

Happy Valentine's Day to all you Local fans. Our wish for you is that you fall in love with one amazing car and its company by this time next year.

Speaking of commitment, one guy just made his in a big way to the Local Motors team. As of late last night, Ben joined our team bringing a critical design expertise to the way the community is created and maintained.

Ben, who joined just hours after Ari, hails from North Carolina, Florida, and New York. He is a graduate of the prestigious Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art, and is our "design oracle" and guide to the new land of distributed community transportation design. He is sensitive to engineering, uniquely well-informed in the practical ways of the world, and one downright impressive trans designer (hopefully he will post and share some of his portfolio so you can see what I have).

Welcome Ben and thank you for your time and effort.


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Jack Laori said...

We've got some news too. Elvis Princeton joined our team of writers! He's a post graduate of Vilna Off-Campus Achievement Academy and one of the guys that will do your essay on Leadership or Business, as he's in the black with his company now.