Friday, January 18, 2008

Tool Time

Well, it is the time that all car builders dream about.....

Time to buy some tools.

Not the big $1 million dollar dies and stamping tools. No, these are the ones you really care about, the hand tools.

This is one step where we differentiate ourselves from the major players.

You say factory, we say shop.
You say small, we say personal.
You say MSRP, we say price.
You say cut a deal with a dealership, we say bond with a customer.
You say show a customer around the lot, we say teach him how to build a car.
You say exciting, we say beyond your wildest boyhood dreams.
And say robots, we say man with a hand tool.

Well today we placed an order for some hand tools and it felt like a right of passage.

We will say more about total factor productivity, laminar flow, piece rate, and flexibility later, but now it is time to pay a little homage to the patron saint of garage tools.....


Jeff Jones said...

More Power! Loved that show, one of the few that pumped up the D...

Rebecca Virginia said...

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