Friday, January 4, 2008

Great day!

Today was the first day at work with 6 people in the Local Motors facility!

I knew it when I was sitting talking to Mike and suddenly I realized that outside of my office door there were 2 independent conversations taking place. I know that this may seem like a small event to some people, but after working alone or with only one other person for months, this buzz of activity was really thrilling. I almost felt like having a quiet triumphant moment (a la Kevin Spacey in American Beauty, where he sits back in his chair and quietly throws a fist up in the air).

After all, finally having a team in the office was a triumph over what could have been.

On a more serious note, we spent a good deal of time today getting to know each other and making some basic decisions on working tools. Though we each have computers, one of the questions was the "need to standardize", and we found ourselves in the middle of a 20 year old debate.