Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Front-end Media Explorations

As Tim (for those of you who have forgotten, Tim is our tireless interim web architect) has been pushing hard to get our alpha site launched, he and I have been reviewing scenarios to design the look and feel of the site. Today, we visited a couple of front-end designers in the Boston area who have built impressive businesses servicing this need.

I have come away with the impression that it is easier for them to take on more responsibility for the entire branding of the company than just to do contract work on HTML and CSS needs. What is interesting is that this creates convergence between advertising, marketing, graphic design, and web development. While the convergence of roles can be a good thing, it can also be confusing to know what one designer might offer from another.

The good news is that we know our customer profile in a well defined way, so we will be asking our front-end designer to provide us with less of this service. This makes our decision of who and what to employ in the process of launching our site, much more easy.

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