Sunday, January 6, 2008

Exploration of Car Design - Chapter 1 - Design Tutorial

This is the first post in a series where we will explore the Local Motors' thoughts on design:

(VW Concept T)

As many of you know by now, we have a unique approach to promoting and harvesting inspiring design at Local Motors - our Web 2.0 community for body design competition. Built by our in house team and refined and completed by, you, our customers, this site is a first ever foray into complete outside inspiration to drive a new car design process.

We are planning on marketing heavily to ALL of the transportation and industrial designers that we can access, but it has also occurred to us that there may be other less formally trained designers or enthusiasts who wish to contribute to the design forum. For this group we have thought a good deal about providing on-line help. In this line of thinking, we have thought for a while that tutorials on design would be great, but perhaps a thing to add-in later.

Now, after some research, they are gaining some real traction in my mind and moving up the order in the product backlog.

Here’s why:

I have been parsing through a site called which is not as notable for its primary content (i.e. that which is at the top of its home page) but rather more for what you find down lower on the homepage.

Starting with a “boxed” section for Latest Videos, Latest Tutorials, Latest Publications, and Car Design Publications, this site is an aggregator of content from many many other design sites. You can really get lost in the videos and the tutorials. It is fresh content and hugely inspiring. Though it is a collection of redirections to other sites, I found no broken links (perhaps because they allow an easy report for a broken link) and the content is always fresh (i.e. like within the last day - see for example this example of how to make a Bugatti Veyron in CAD).

Though these tutorials and videos might not appear to be as much for the expert designer, I think that their openness and simplicity might be very welcome by all of our visitors.

Undoubtedly we will have to manage this content to keep it as fresh as it is on this site, but I think that it will become a key attraction.


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