Monday, January 28, 2008

8' 8" - Smart hits the US Market

That is correct. The much anticipated sales opening of the Smart Car (a partnership between Mercedes and Swatch) begins this month at US dealerships according to many major news networks.

This small car which has been available in Europe for 10 years is bound to find a dedicated following in the US. With a standard gasoline engine, it will achieve fuel economy levels of 30-40mpg.

Safety will be marginal compared to cars of a larger size, but many Americans don't care, especially since it is made (in part) by Daimler.

More motion, more change, more good things going on in the US market for cars.

Bravo Smart for what looks to be a strong entry into the US market...and Bravo to Penske Auto Group for being the distributor to bring it to our market.


Jeff Jones said...

Just because Daimler is behind it doesn't mean the masses will forgive if fatalities increase - look at the exploding Pinto - time will tell if our unique SUV/Truck-centric market will impact the profile of accident injuries...

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