Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Thoughts on a car hero

As promised, I watched the film DALE and was enraptured. This is no Hollywood flick with aggrandized doesn't need to be. Dale Earnhardt was the real deal, and his life was worth celebrating without an ounce of embellishment. 

What struck me so hard was the simplicity of his message and his focus. Race for life, race for fun, and race to win. If you tried hard to recreate what he established as a legacy, it would be impossible. His legend is really the kind of story that can only be created from the heart of a driven man (no pun intended).
From 1979 "Rookie of the year" to 20 years of trying to win Daytona, and finally emerging victorious in 1998, Dale kept it real chasing every single goal that motivated him in the automotive racing world. He would have believed in Local Motors, and we would have been honored to have him as one of our customers.
Yet again another great reason to visit North Carolina...these types of reasons seem to be on my mind a lot these days.


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