Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Thought for the day - Pick the right heart.

Local Motors thought for the day.

When you are building a new car, choose the right Drivetrain and you will save years and millions in NVH costs. 

Tomorrow, I will be in New Hampshire with one of our investors driving a full range of diesel cars to assess their Drivetrains....Aren't you curious?


Jeff Jones said...

Yes! Drive the best vehicle back to the Local Motors HQ or at least take a photo!

Dannykim8379 said...

Are those American based diesels or does that include European diesels Peugot makes a great four cyclinder for their 307 XSE-diesel. Very, Very quiet.

Unknown said...

You're definitely on the right track - diesels are built to last.

WalmondZack said...

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