Monday, December 10, 2007

New Team Member

Today Tim Thomas joined us to help in the creation of our web presence, and we are so lucky to have him. He has many prior exploits (Smarter Living, Inc.,, and his latest, divorce partner ( is an impressive work for a very robust community with real needs and wants. So, in welcoming Tim aboard, I thought that I would say something about our community. A bit of a longer post, but appropriate, because we have not yet said much about our community.
Most importantly, the Local Motors’ community is meant to be one that is physical, web-based, and even solitary. How can a community be solitary? I believe in fact, solitary community is one of the greatest tests of the strength of association, because it is a sense of intense belonging even when you are alone. Ask any car nut who is sitting in his garage alone working on his car…or just staring at it…and thinking about all of the memories of where they have been together…and that is the definition of solitary community.
So the web is an important arm of our community, but it is just that – an arm. We want it to be powerful and forward leaning, but it should never get lost in the Web 2.0 hype that is surrounding some companies that flash-in-the-pan. A car community is a physical community, it is about the love of the vehicle and the sharing of components, the love of the road and the memories of where you have been, the love of meeting new people and talking about their cars. The web allows us to improve and extend this community.
There are so many automotive communities with a web presence, which I would like to highlight for their passion, here are a few:
Factory Five:
Baja Race:
Land Rover:
Formula 1:
Car Design News:
Harley Davidson:
Ford Mustang:

Some of these are model specific, others are event, or powertrain, or replica specific, but all are virtual embodiments of a physical community. It is in this tradition that Local Motors intends to follow.
Watch for more, we will have many twists that will surprise and delight the heart of the enthusiast.


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