Thursday, December 27, 2007

Meilenwerk Inspiration

Having just returned recently from our inspirational trip to Charlotte NC where I have seen the blueprints (in rough form) for our first Local Motors facility (at least, I saw them in my head when I was looking at other things in the town), I was not prepared for the visual feast of the Meilenwerk's in Germany. One of our team members from Factory Five, Jason, brought it to my attention when he heard about it and I was immediately impressed. Thanks Jason!

Translated as "mile factory" these three facilities (Berlin, Dusseldorf, and now Stuttgart) are meccas for car enthusiasts. Display spaces, gallery viewing, shop floors, expertise, banquets, and just an exciting place to meet, this is a higher-order engineering hot-house!
Certainly it has a vintage car feel and ethic, but the idea of such a place cannot be lost on a true car enthusiast.
Time to brush up on your German, but here is the link anyway.
And, of course, some pictures.

1) Some of the "working display pieces (work on it on the weeknights, store it for everyone else to see, drive it on the weeknights):

2) A look at the shop in action:


Andrew Cronk said...

I have been to the Stuttgart location; it is quite impressive.

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