Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Furniture arrives

It is a big day for Local Motors as the furniture arrived in the office. Now mind you, while this is stylish and beautiful did not cost us a dime. This was hand-me-down furniture from a great entrepreneur for whom I used to work. In fact, we even used this furniture in our headquarters for his business selling medical products in China, and before that - long before that - it was to be found in Houston at a real estate development company. This furniture has seen many business deals - many successful ones - and is now gracing the halls of Local Motors to bring us great success. That is good usage...and say good-bye to the tyranny of CORT Rentals or saw horses and plywood (which are now sitting in the closet).

Pictures to follow when we are set up.


Jeff Jones said...

I am glad to hear that everything arrived safely and on time - I hope you will save the heavy rearranging for this weekend, not that you can't handle it. I am sure everything looks great!

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