Friday, December 14, 2007

Federalization more.....

Today was a day of unbelievable range. We started at 430am and visited
4 businesses in North Carolina.

First up was an investor and muckety-muck in the state. This was a
hard and unfriendly conversation. We stuck with it though and who
knows what will come of it. Maybe some introductions? The lesson is
always be polite and think that not everyone (in fact, mostly no one)
will share your vision and enthusiasm until it is a safe bet. Keep

Next was a superb composite fabricator, automotive enthusiast, and
well connected entrepreneur. He is the kind of friend in business that
makes me want to set up in North Carolina. God bless ya bud, I hope
that we can find a reason to do business, but either way we will
certainly be friends.

After that visit we trundled over to Penske Racing's HQ for a little
inspiration. We were given a quick look round by a wonderfully giving
gentleman who made himself completely available. Roger Penske (the
business owner, whom we were not lucky enough to meet this time) ought
to be most proud of his team and the business he has built. It is a
fine reflection and strong example of his character.

Finally, we travelled fast down to South Carolina's largest community
college. There we saw employee training the likes of which you simply
cannot find in the northeast. Wow! First rate equipment and first rate
training programs. Makes me want to be a machinist...a better one.

Finished up at 1930.

So that was our day, and boy have we learned alot.

Off to Texas in a day for more work with a world class composites
expert and a couple more interested backers.

Go Local or Go Home.


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